Italy Vs Scotland: Heat 3 – Fashion

Italy and Scotland are currently neck and neck… the results from Heat 1 (Weather) and Heat 2 (Food) have proven inconclusive, so Italy has decided to bring out the big guns: tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to dicuss fashion.

photo credit: SodanieChea via photopin cc

photo credit: SodanieChea via photopin cc

I think we can just roll over on this one Scotland. The Italians have got us beat.

Why do I give up so easily? Well I can’t help but think it’s retty obvious. They have Gucci, Armani, Prada and Fendi. We have… What DO we have? I’m sure there are some but even Wikipedia doesn’t come up with any names I recognize. We have the kilt, I guess. Doesn’t do much against one of the most elegant fashion capitals in the world.

Also we tend to see a lot of tight clothes, muffin tops, orange skin, bad hair extensions and too much flesh despite the plummeting temperatures on a night out (sorry Britain, you know it’s true). Italians tend to at least cover up a bit more. Their day time clothing is closer to ours, I mean you see a lot of well dressed people out and about in the cities in both countries.. but only in Scotland have I ever seen anyone go to the supermarket in their PJs. The Italians won’t go anywhere without a full face on and their hair done… which does get rather exhausting actually.

Yes, I’m voting for Italy on this one. I don’t have much to say about fashion in general, so if you want to know more pay a visit to this post at Surviving in Italy which will give you a hilariously accurate look at differences in Italian style from city to city as well as some gorge images of Italian style in action.

Oh and if anyone wants to throw something out there in favour of Scotland on this one please do… I just cant think of much to write as the result seems so bleedin’ obvious.

With love from the sartorially challenged in Italy