New life, new start.

I’ve not been around much I know… sorry!

Many, many things have changed since I last wrote a post on this blog. I changed my life some time ago now, leaving corporate marketing to become an English teacher and freelance translator.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and has led to so much more happiness for me… but it was hectic. And in the chaos I lost sight of this blog and many other things that bring me joy. This time however, it was due to other things that bring me joy! Not only my new job, but…. drumroll please…

I married the love of my life.


The day was hot, crazy and absolutely phenomenal. The Church, the location and the catering were all impeccable (this is Italy after all, the most romantic place in the world to celebrate a marriage), but most of all it was incredible to spend this important day with each other and with guests who meant so much to us from all over the world.

After our honeymoon (Australia!) we got down to business refurbishing the flat we bought right before the wedding. Unfortunately the place was falling to pieces, uninhabitable with a leaky roof and asbestos (scary) so we needed to call in the professionals to get it ready for us. It took… forever. You know builder time? Add 20% onto however long they say it will take is what they say. Italian builder time is something else! That laid back approach to life seeps into everything, including work! Fortunately, We’d rather have things done properly and have to wait than have them done half-assed, and the people we hired to remodel the place were nothing if not perfectionists. The place is now as close to perfect as we could have askedm and we finally have our own little corner of the world to inhabit.

Of course, there’s one room I’m more excited about than any other…. the kitchen!

So as you can imagine, we’re a lot happier! A  lot of other things have happened in the meantime, but many of them are not terribly uplifting, so in all honesty I’d rather focus on the positive. In the meantime… I’m back, I’ve got lots of ideas for recipes and for other interesting posts about La Dolce Vita so…

With so much love to all, from Italy

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  1. Daysixtyfive says:

    Omgggg what a beautiful kitchen!! Also congratulations on your marriage. I wish you two all the best happiness!! You guys are a rocking couple! 😀 I’m so excited for you with your change of career path. It sounds like you’re really finding yourself and doing incredible well with things. I look forward to reading more posts. Sending love from good ol’ down under! (Australia!)

    1. Aaaw thanks so much! We absolutely loved our time in Australia, it’s an amazing place and we really want to come back and see more of it.

      1. Daysixtyfive says:

        Absolutely!! It’s a fantastic place. I’m so interested that you’re a Scot living in Italy! How did that happen? Do you have a post about your experience? I’ve been trying to find it! Would love to hear more 😊

  2. SeveDB Blog says:

    You look so beautiful! …and him too.
    Congratulations! And best of everything.
    I know my country can be a challenge sometimes, but with patience the rewards are priceless!
    Thank you for stopping by my post, I’m glad I gif to know yours.
    Happy Belated Thanksgiving too!

    1. Italy is difficult at times yes, but I’ve been here 10 years now and I’d never go back now… it’s my home now. Also, thank you so much for your kind words, I was glad to find your blog too!


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