Amalfi by Vespa

The only way to see the Amalfi Coast, and I mean REALLY see it, is by vespa. Why? Well the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and the delightful smells of the wonderful Mediterranean vegetation all have something to do with it, but most of all it is just such a terribly Italian mode of transport…

Costiera Amalfitana
Also known as the “divine” coast for its beauty…

We left from Salerno in the morning after taking the pooch for a walk along the sea front. The first, obligatory stop on the way to spend a day on the Amalfi Coast is Salvatore De Riso’s cake shop in Minori. This is probably one of Italy’s most famous pasticcerie, and with good reason – the cakes are absolutely heavenly and the positioning, right on the sea front of Maiori just adds to the experience. The Italian Boy had the classic Ricotta e Pera, (a crunchy biscuit base with soft, creamy ricotta mousse and aromatic pear) and I had the Peccato di Gola, (a crunchy hazelnut biscuit base topped with chocolate cream, whipped cream and chestnut cream made with locally grown chestnuts from the nearby town of Tramonti)… Heaven. The man is a genius…

pear and ricotta
chestnut chocolate and cream cake
double yum

Moving swiftly onwards, we took in the marvelous scents of fennel, juniper, gorse, lavender and lemon; which for me bring back startlingly clear memories of my very first holidays in the Mediterranean when I was a little girl. Our next stop was a beautiful little beach called Castiglione di Ravello, which is of course beneath the town of Ravello which is so famous for its yearly music festival as well as for the magnificent views it boasts. The beach was not terribly crowded and the water was crystal clear, probably thanks to the steep flight of steps that provided the only access, putting many would be bathers off. We spent a good few hours lying on the beach, just people watching and soaking up the sun. I slathered myself religiously in factor 50+ and the Italian Boy made fun of me as usual, so I had to remind him that I am the Scottish Lass and my skin is just not as resistant to the sun as his!

Ravello beach spiaggia

Once the sun began to disappear behind the cliffs mid afternoon, we decided to move onwards and go to the Fiordo di Furore… Yes, a fjord in Southern Italy – and take a look and see what all the fuss is about. It is a truly beautiful place (like many on the Amalfi Coast) but what is really breathtaking is that the high diving world championships stop here each year and the participants dive off the bridge and into the water… it looks (and is) high. And narrow. Hmmmm. I think I’ll take the stairs…

fiordo di furore
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee splooosh….

After Furore we went back down to Amalfi, stopping on the way for a quick aperitivo. We took a proper look at the cathedral from outside – it is probably one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen, and has special meaning for both of us. For the Italian Boy, because his brother got married there last year (he was best man) and for me because it is Saint Andrew’s cathedral, patron stain of Scotland as well as of Amalfi itself.

Duomo di Amalfi
Il Duomo di Sant’Andrea

The last stop was in Atrani where we had a delicious pizza right by the sea. You can see where our table was, but unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries before the pizza came so I can’t show you that (boooooooo).

Sea view dinner
Le Arcate restaurant in Atrani

All in all, probably one of the most glorious days that I have ever spent anywhere, ever… One of those days where I remember how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place, and I remember why I love Italy, despite all her flaws. After all, none of us are perfect.


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  1. oh, I love Amalfi too! Great blog post!

    1. Aw, thanks! Amalfi is gorgeous, like I said it makes me feel incredibly fortunate to live so close to it. You live in Vienna? I’ve never been, but it’s definitely on my bucket list!

  2. Francesca says:

    Great blog post! I truly appreciated your photos, they are very representative of the beauty of the Amalfi Coast! The Divine Coast is one of those places to be visited almost once in a lifetime, it is natural amphitheater of rocks, scents and sensations, an oasis of peace flowing with a very intense social life. So beautiful that I decided to dedicate it a little space in the web, here it is, I hope you’ll appreciate it!

    1. Ciao Francesca, I can’t find your site anywhere…?

      Glad you appreciated the post, and thanks for dropping by!


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