Pizza party!

When you want to party in Italy what better way to go than a pizza party? My friend Carlo is lucky enough to have a proper wood fired pizza oven in his back garden, meaning that he can make the most incredible pizzas of all different flavours…

wood fired oven
You have to make sure the entire inside of the oven is white, that means you have an even cooking temperature…
Chilli and rosemary foccaccia
We started with Chilli and Rosemary foccaccia…
Classic margherita pizza
Pizza with peppers and provola
Onion pizza
Carlo with a diavola pizza (peperoni) and a Domenico photobomb

There were tons of other pizza’s too, although I didn’t catch them all – including an amazing gorgonzola pizza which disappeared almost before it hit the table…

All in all, lots of pizza, lots of fun, plenty of photos and not very much writing as I ams shattered and wouldn’t make a huge amount of sense if I tried to write something articulate at the moment…

Remember… always look for the wood fired oven. That is what makes the difference between a mediocre pizza and a great one!

With (pizza) love, from Italy


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