I am in Bologna for work and realised too late that I need a wifi code for the internet if I want to write a proper post… The b&b owner has left, so I’m stuck… I primise I will post wordy wednesday as soon as I can get a stable connection…

With love, from Italy

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  1. ciaobologna says:

    Here are spots where you can find free wireless in the city:
    I think you just need an Italian cell to get access, and there might be a 3h limit. One of my go-to spots is the Sala Borsa Library in Piazza Maggiore.

    1. Thanks! I can get the net on my phone, struggling with the pc and I hate writing posts on my phone or tablet… I hope to get to a spot tonight and write a post… Any suggestions on where to go for dinner and and a drink while you are there? 😉

      1. ciaobologna says:

        Sure! If you want traditional cuisine, there are so many good options: La Traviata and Trattoria Fantoni are two we like. If you want something more creative/modern: we like Prima della Pioggia and there’s a new restaurant called Via Con Me we want to try (but I think you need a rez there). If you’re up for pizza, try Vesuvia for a traditional pie or Alce Nero – Berberè for gourmet pizza. The Mambo Art museum has an excellent aperitivo that you could definitely make a dinner out of.

        1. ciaobologna says:

          Where did you end up doing din/drinks? How was it?

        2. Hi sorry for taking a while to reply… I ended up at some restaurant called Il Moro with some random southern italians who I ran into… It was a great night, and to be honest the tortellini al ragù were pretty freakin’good!!!


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