Wordy Wednesday – C is for Ceramica

Ceramica, Ceramic. Practically synonymous with the Amalfi Coast, and in particular with Vietri, the first town on the coast after the city of Salerno. The town is linked to Cava dei Tirreni (a quarry turned city) and the art of ceramic deveoped from there. Vietri is now covered with colourful works of art in ceramic and is the home of many expert artisans including one of the most famous artisan ceramic producers of them all, Ceramica Solimene. The building itself, constructed in 1954, is one of the most striking pieces of 20th century architecture on the Coast and remains a symbol of Vietri to the present day.




I went there looking for gifts for some clients and once there decided to take advantage to chat to the owner and to take some photos. I discovered that they have a tremendous heritage – more than a century – behind them. Walking into the shop, there is an intial impression of chaos, but this is soon overridden by a sense of wonder at the colourful, handmade treasures to be found there.


They make everything from colourful fripperies like these playful squid…


…to more traditional wares like these plates and ashtrays




And modern wonders like these





This is a family who truly appreciate the beauty of the place they live in and its traditions, and understand the importance of tourism – something sadly in short supply in the area. Anyone looking for a souvenir on the Amalfi Coast, as well as the memory of a unique family business… here is a  place I definitely suggest you visit.

With Love, from Italy

PS no this is not an advertorial and I have no affiliation with Ceramica Solimene – I asked permission to take the pictures, but they did not have any hand in my writing this post 🙂

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  1. Absolute eye candy! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah, if money were no option my house would be full of this stuff!


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