Wordy Wednesday – D is for Donna

Not the name.

The word donna in Italian means woman. The etymology is simple, from the Latin domna meaning lady or mistress. There are no particular historic connotations of note. However…

Italian society is notable for its lack of equality. The statistics speak for themselves. Circa 20% of women in Italy are unemployed in comparison to the national 13%, and in the South women under 35 find themselves battling with unemployment levels of between 50 and 60% depending on the region. Now I know I’m going to get comments about how it’s not true, about how much Italian men respect women. Riiiight.

This is why it’s OK for you to make noises to get my attention as if I were a dog.
This is why it’s acceptable to make me feel uncomfortable by making lewd comments when I’m alone
This is why you talk about serious matters to my partner and avoid even looking at me.
This is why Italians think it’s OK if a woman stays home with the kids, unnatural if her husband does
This is why you think I should be flattered if you grab my ass
This is why women get paid less
This is why unemployment is almost twice national levels for women
This is why women get asked to sign undated resignation letters on starting jobs, “just in case” they get pregnant.

This is why assholes like Giovanni write crap like THIS on blog posts just because a woman dares speak her mind (by the way follow this blog, I love it and the author is hysterical – in a good way).

This isn’t the lighthearted stuff you’ve come to expect from my blog. And I’m one of the least politically correct people I know. I believe in real equality though, and until attitudes change towards women (and other women are probably the worst offenders) things wont get better, in Italy and everywhere.

I promise, business as usual next post. Thanks for reading.

With love, from Italy


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