White wine escalopes

Scaloppine al vino bianco from Lombardy

Scaloppine originally were a Northern Italian dish reserved mostly for holidays and parties. Nowadays, because they are so quick and easy to make as well as being relatively cheap they are eaten every day by many families the length and breadth of the peninsula.


You can make these with any meat really, although traditionally you should use veal or beef. I used turkey breast this time and feel that it went quite well.

You will need (serves 2):

4 slices of meat about 0.5 -1cm thick
Plain white flour
White wine
Fresh parsley
Juice of one lemon and some large pieces of zest

1. Lie the slices of meat on a hard, clean surface. Use something  heavy to beat the meat flat and thin. You can get special meat tenderisers for this… I, being the high tech individual that I am, used a mug 🙂

High tech meat tenderising…

2. Coat the slices of meat in flour.

3. Melt circa 50g of butter over a gentle flame in a pan.

4. Add the meat and cook on both sides, turning the flame up so the meat becomes brown.

5. Remove the meat and put to one side. On a low heat, add a large glass of white wine, the lemon juice and some more butter to the pan.

6. For flavour, add a large handful of roughly chopped parsley and some large pieces of lemon zest (yellow part only, no white or you will get something of a bitter flavour).

7. Reduce down to a consistent but still liquid sauce, remove the lemon rind and season to taste with salt and pepper.

8. Return the meat to the pan, coat with sauce.

Serve this with more wine (always!) buttery mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus for the perfect Milanese supper.

With love, from Italy

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  1. I can’t WAIT to try this, as we are on a severe health kick this will fit right in. Thank You!

    1. Let me know how it goes! I’ll keep that in mind and try to post some more healthy options for you


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