Please don’t tell me off…

I’m not going to post properly tonight either. I’ve had one helluva weekend which I’m not going to go into, and this morning my dog was poisoned with rat poison. I came rushing home from work just an hour or so after arriving, rushed her to the vets and kept her on a drip for two hours. Blood tests confirmed rat poison. She needs treatment for the next few weeks now. As you can imagine I’m furious that the poison was there in the first place. Anyway, I promise I’ll be back in action over the next few days, in particular as it seems that May is in the clear.

with love (and relief), from Italy

My beautiful mutt, May

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  1. Mia May says:

    Maybe girl…I miss her so much!

    1. And we miss you too!!!!

  2. Erica Preo says:

    Sending best wishes for May’s recovery, and less worry for you. I’m sorry, that’s truly awful.

    1. Thank you for the kind thoughts. According to to the vet if we keep up the therapy she should be fine. She is already much better – luckily we got there on time!

      1. Erica Preo says:

        That’s wonderful news, I’m sure you’re very relieved. But if someone gave this to her, what a horrible person.

        1. Oh no, I don’t think it was malicious… People just don’t think before they put rat poison down on a busy street. I doubt it was meant for dogs at all, and I have no reason to think that she was being targeted – most of my neighbours love her, and the non doggy people have never had a bad word to say about her either…


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