I’m baaaaaaaack…

The dog is out of the danger zone according to the vet so I swear I will be back on blogging form from this week. Sorry about the hiatus, but I was just too worried angry and tired from staying up all night with her to even think about blogging…

I have a couple of updates:

1. I will be spending Christmas in Italy, so be prepared for some Christmas recipes from il Bel Paese

2. I need to lose a few kg and get my running back on track, so much of what I write over the next few weeks will be healthy, tasty recipes. Trust me, I have done this before and there is honestly no need to deprive yourself. You’ll see…

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the beautiful city of Siena to keep you all entertained…

Siena turned out to be pretty much one of my favourite ever cities aesthetically – really beautiful, mainly because of the obviously tight control they exert over what one can and cannot build there.

The rooftops of Siena from the Mangia tower, the highest point in the city. it’s a hell of a walk up and costs 8 euros but it is so worth it!


This is the Piazza del Campo where they hold the Palio horse race in the summer. Notice something? All the awnings are brown with white writing. Must be a council rule, it’s quite cool but they could have chosen a better colour in my opinion…


That damn tower… it’s higher than it looks and super narrow. Oh, and there we are underneath 🙂


Proof we made it!


All… those… stairs…


The outside of the incredible Siena Cathedral… this and the other religious edifices in Siena deserve a post of their own so I’m going to stop here.


With love, from Italy






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  1. mariagrazia says:

    ” I will be spending Christmas in Italy”…bene bene :))

    1. Lol we should definitely meet… come va il pupo?


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