Pork rolls with provola and salame

Involtini di maiale con provola e salame from Campania

There’s something about cheese which just makes it more decadent when it’s melted. Especially when it’s wrapped in something and it ooozes out as you cut into it….

Pork rolls with salame and provola
oooooooozing cheese….

You can make this recipe with other lean meats too, but I used pork medallions because I think the salty salame really compliments the flavour of the pork.

You will need:

3 pork medallions
One smoked provolone cheese (3 thick slices of)
Three slices of Milano Salame
Cherry tomatoes and fresh basil to garnish

It’s very simple: place the medallions on a plate or glass chopping board, and top each with a slice of salame and a slice of provola. Then roll them up and spear them with a cocktail stick, before placing a single fresh basil leaf and a cherry tomato on the top (also speared, duh).

Place in an oven preheated to 180°C for 10-15 minutes (until the pork juices run clear when cut), and violà! As you can see I served these with roast potatoes made in a similar fashion to my parmesan roast potatoes, but I thought that the provola was enough cheese for one night so I simply sprinkled the potatoes with salt and oregano instead, and bunged them in the oven. Be sure to put these in BEFORE the pork, or you’ll end up eating them separately, as the potatoes take a good half hour.

You can try all sorts of variations on this… you can use chicken breasts with mozzarella and sun blush tomatoes, beef with scamorza and porcini mushrooms, turkey with fior di latte and pesto… Get creative! The important thing is the cheese. Use lots of it. And make sure it oozes.


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