Christmas abandonment

Sorry sorry sorry, I abandoned this blog over Christmas as my parents have no wireless and their computer is a pain to upload photos to!

Anyway, I’m back and will now be posting regularly again, but in the meantime here is some photographic evidence of how fat I have been over the holidays (no kidding, I’m actually on a diet… not impressed, I can tell you!) so expect some delicious but healthy Italian recipes over the next couple of weeks!

Christmas Turkey
That is one BIG bird!


When the Italian boy saw this his comment was “woooooooooooooooo, it’s just like in the movies!” Well yes dear, but it tastes better!

His delight continued as we loaded up his plate with roast potatoes, mushy peas and stuffing. He wasn’t a fan of cranberry sauce, but since that’s my favourite bit I didn’t mind… more for me! Thinking about it, the homemade stuff is really nice and sour, ao it was maybe a bit much…

Christmas dinner
One seriously full plate


Yum! As for the after picture:


Empty plate
Empty plate


‘Nuff said. He’s gonna kill me for posting this pic. Complete with silly hat!

No self-respecting British Christmas dinner would be complete though without the burnt offering… No, not a strange Pagan rite silly, I’m talking about the Christmas pudding! Rich, fruity, spicy and nutty, soaked with brandy, dramatically flambéd and served with rich cream…. heaven!

Christmas pudding and brandy
On goes the rocket fuel, um, I mean brandy


Flaming Christmas pudding
A pyromaniac's dream desert

The finished product, once in the bowls, went down the family’s throat too fast for a picture. And for the first time in my life, I saw someone go for seconds of Christmas pud  (Roberto!) – Impressive!


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