Baked Mediterranean Swordfish

Pesce Spada alla Livornese from Tuscany

I remember the first time I tried swordfish, on holiday in Spain with my parents. I was very young, and the idea of a fish with a “sword” attached to its face was fascinating to me, and I spent the rest of the holiday trying to catch a glimpse of a living one.

Swordfish with tomatoes, capers and black olives
Swordfish with tomatoes, capers and black olives

This recipe shows off fresh swordfish at its best. It is quite a strong, meaty tasting fish and can take stronger flavours than some other seafood without being compromised, as this recipe demonstrates.

You will need:

One or two swordfish steaks
Fresh tomatoes
Olive oil
A handful of capers
A handful of pitted black olives
A clove of garlic
A glass of white wine
Potatoes (optional, I added these to make it into a complete meal)
Salt to taste

This recipe is traditionally made on the hob, without the potatoes. As I am in love with my oven, and adore the flavours potatoes soak up when cooking with the ingredients, I decided to add them.

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Mince the garlic and chop the olives and the tomatoes while heating some oil in a pan that is suitable for placing in the oven. Briefly fry the garlic, olives and capers until the garlic begins to colour and the capers begin to “flower” (open slightly).

Add the swordfish and seal on both sides. Cover with tomatoes and the potatoes, and add half a glass of white wine. Bung the lot in the preheated oven and sit back for 15-20 minutes. In case you are still wondering what you should be doing with the second half of the glass of wine, drink it.

After 15 minutes, buon appetito! You have a deliciously flavourful Mediterranean meal, which actually looks a lot more impressive than it is – great stuff to impress that date, your mum, or just your tastebuds…


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