Wordy Wednesday – Amore

Wednesdays from now on will be dedicated to a word in the Italian language. Where possible I will stick to the alphabet, although X might be a bit of a bummer so I’ll probably end up skipping that one…

The first word with A is easy: Amore. Love.

heart shaped cupcakes
That’s amore…

It’s what Italy is all about. It’s the reason I moved here. It’s the reason for a great deal of joy and a great deal of sorrow. It is dramatic, emotional and all consuming. All very Italian.

The etymology of this word is simple, in that it derives from itself, and is unchanged from the original Latin. I personally prefer the false etymology that can be found across the net: that amore comes from the Latin a-mors – without death.

Italian is the language of love, of opera and of poety. It is the country where Shakespeare chose to set his great love story, Romeo and Juliette. It is a place where people are not afraid to say “I love you” (Ti amo) where you hear people calling each other “Amore” in the streets, were PDAs are de rigeur and nobody looks uncomfortable or tsks at seeing a couple kiss in public. It is a place where men and women stil corteggiare (court) one another and drunken hookups in clubs are the exception rather than the rule.

Italy is a country of hopeless romantics, especially here in the South and I hope it remains that way.

With amore, from Italy

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    1. Italia… Il paese dell’amore 🙂


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